Robert Ashton is a one-off. When Norfolk Library and Information Service was awarded some funding to support enterprise in Norfolk we knew that Robert would offer something unique and inspiring. We commissioned Robert as the opening speaker at two events supporting business start-up and social enterprise and he delivered exactly what we wanted - upfront, challenging and thought provoking talks that inspire people to think differently about themselves, their ideas and their businesses.’    

Nick Little, Norfolk Library Service

I can honestly say that if you're running a business, school, charity or campaign and everyone's telling you you'll fail; Robert's the man who'll help you prove them wrong."   

Tony Quinn, IQ Marketing

"I like Robert - he's a human-scale entrepreneur on a talk-circuit dominated by supposedly super-human entrepreneurs who most of us find it hard to relate to. He talks a lot of sense."

Rob Greenland, Social Business Consulting

"Robert is able to help those wanting to make things happen get underway quickly It is very easy to feed off his contagious enthusiasm for making things happen."

Richard Dix, Rural Broadband

 "Where do you start with Robert. He's undoubtedly a genius, that's always the first thought which springs to mind. He's also a very genuine, talented man who always unlocks the best in any organisation, project, or person and sees things others simply don't see. Be prepared to hear things you may not want to hear but may need to hear, and be prepared to take a few bold and occasionally scary leaps here and there and have confidence in what you do.

Bella Brodie, Managing Director, Parks PR & Media Ltd.