Training Day - Sales for Non-Sales People


Training Day - Sales for Non-Sales People



How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas, and Succeed at Work

For groups of up to 15 people. Inspiring one day course based on the book. Practical, interactive and above all else, fun. I really hate those sessions where someone talks at you for ages. This I promise you will be different! The course will be perfect for anyone who has to sell themselves, their ideas or deal with customers. There'll be discounts for charity folk and anyone under 25.

The course is perfect for public sector, charity or social enterprise groups who have find themselves thrust by circumstance into more commercial roles. 

Everybody takes away a signed copy of ‘Sales for non Salespeople’

"Robert really understands the social economy sector and the course lived up to its name of sales for non-sales people, I learned a lot" 
John Atherton, Co-operatives UK  

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Let’s be honest. I wrote the book because my work as a social entrepreneur illustrated just how important is to be able to sell. Not to be able to push, coerce or even force. But more because the transition we are seeing from grant to earned income, makes it so important to be able to translate the value of what you do into benefits other people will pay for. 

That can become very complex, as in my world, the user of a service is often not the person persuaded to pay for it. Which is why increasingly, to succeed you need to be able to sell. 

The training days are simply opportunities for groups at the front line, to explore selling with me. The opportunity to help other see and fund, the change they want to see. 

Each one day course is different. You brief me on your needs and I do a little research of my own. Then I work with the group to make your them more confident asking for commitment. 

I’ve been selling for 35 years; fertiliser, caravans, insurance and my own businesses. Now I sell reality to those striving to realise dreams, for themselves and those they care about. 

The day covers all the usual sales stuff, but gives it a flavour you’ll enjoy. There’ll be no embarrassing role play. Unless you ask! 

Sometimes, your internal marketplace is as important as that outside. Winning over colleagues can sometimes deliver you the scope to creatively change your offer to your customers.