I’ve spent the summer interviewing people and writing their stories in a new book. Titled ‘Any Spare Change’, I’ve written it to give people an insight into the world of homelessness and rough sleeping. The book launches at Norwich Cathedral on 26 November, and then goes on sale across Norwich, as well of course as on Amazon.

I’m crowdfunding the book at the moment. The campaign runs to 10 October and when the book is funded, all subsequent income will go to St Martins, Norwich’s homelessness charity.  As I write this, the campaign has raised £750 and has 19 days left to run. Press coverage of the campaign has been promised for later in the month, which should give the campaign a boost in its final week.

Crowdfunding can be stressful. The relentless pursuit of pledges, with a target to reach and the clock counting down to deadline can challenge one’s sanity. I’m neither pushy or an extrovert; both skills you may think you need to succeed. But as I’m finding, the right proposition, pitched at the right audience, will win support.

But I’m also about to start a full-time MA in Biography & Creative Non-Fiction at UEA. I’ll be working with other non-fiction writers to further develop my skills as an author. I plan then to write full-time, and crowdfunding then self-publishing are two very useful ways to take to market books that would otherwise never get published. Perhaps I’m changing from being an entrepreneur who writes books, to an entrepreneurial writer!

Here’s a link to the crowdfunding campaign, where you can pre-order a copy of ‘Any Spare Change?’