How did you learn to ride a bike? Were you safe in the knowledge that if you lose momentum, you will be spared an embarrassing and painful fall by those convenient stabilisers? Or like me, did you learn by falling off?

I learned to be an entrepreneur the same way. Some mistakes were costly, and others saw me fall flat on my face. Over time, I recognised the importance of planning, of pace and of maintaining a positive outlook when the future frankly looked bleak. Many of the things I started were successful; others provided great opportunities to learn!

I've now stopped pedalling the business bike. Instead I'm going to write full time. Right now I'm 12,000 words in to a book about rough sleeping. My research is giving me an insight into a world most of us never see; a world on my own doorstep, where life can be tough and brutal, but one inhabited by some of the nicest people I've ever met.

Being an entrepreneur, the book will be crowdfunded, and profits will go to St Martins, a local homelessness charity. Other books will follow; all will encourage people to challenge their own prejudices and perceptions. It's what I feel I have to do.

I'm also an early adopter, recognising that the time to get involved with anything is at the very beginning, before ideas become fixed and the direction of travel clear. This book has the potential to attract national attention when it is published late in November. Can you see how by helping me and sponsoring the book, you can benefit too? If so let's talk.