Edith Piaf had a point. There’s no point in looking back and regretting the things you can now not change. But that’s easier said than done. There have been times over the past 30yrs when my shaky mental health has made me intolerably rude and ungrateful. There have also been decisions I have made that with hindsight, I think were massive career own goals. But the clock can never be turned back. 

Yes, I’m now comfortably off with no financial worries. But had I turned right instead of left at some of those critical points in my life, I’d perhaps now be very wealthy. On the other hand, I perhaps I’d be very broke; I will never know.  We are where we are, and today and the future are all we can hope to influence. We can mourn for what might have been, but we can never truly know what the outcome would have been had we acted differently.  

So we need to avoid wasting time thinking about what might have been, and worry instead about staying true to our values. We need to think about more the wider implications of what we are doing right now and be confident the decisions we make today won’t be regretted in the future. In the final analysis, it is our impact on others that will define our success. 

Piaf’s song ends with the words: ‘because my life, my joys; today they begin with you.’ What joy will you bring to yourself and others today?