We've all taken phone calls from recruitment consultants. Sometimes it's to flatter you into leaving a job you're happy in, to work for the headhunter's client. But as your career develops, it's more likely because they've seen you're advertising for staff and want to help - at a cost. Rightly or wrongly, recruitment companies don't enjoy the best of reputations.

Despite the current political uncertainty, the UK employment is at an all time high (76.1%). This makes it all the harder to recruit new people. It also makes your staff more confident they could find another job if they needed to. Today is a time when the ethical employer, with a purpose beyond just profit finds it easier to retain good staff.

So it makes total sense to see a new, ethical, community interest company Swarm-Be enter the recruitment marketplace. After all, if you are managing a business with strong values, and want to employ people who similarly care, then using a recruitment company that thinks the same way as you do makes sense.

Swarm-Be is not starting with a blank page. Since I founded Swarm Apprenticeships six years ago, its team have become skilled at advertising, sifting and interviewing potential candidates for an apprenticeship. You can be an apprentice at any age now, so they not just been recruiting youngsters.

As you would expect of a social enterprise, profits are invested in supporting youngsters furthest from the workplace. I started the venture to help those that didn't obviously fit to find their future. Swarm-Be have a simple, fair pricing structure which I'm told is competitive. But why don't you take a look and see?

Swarm Be had to be. The only question is do you want them to be your recruitment partner?