In the summer of 2020 I will pass my 65th birthday, and also I hope, have a freshly printed MA in Creative Non-Fiction tucked under my arm. It will be my first experience of university life and will see me make the transition from social entrepreneur to biographer.  

But now with just six months before I become a full time student, the pace of my work has shown no sign of slowing. I’ve continued to be hopelessly addicted to solving those enterprise conundrums that get in the way of good people striving to make life better for others. Some have even doubted my ability to make the transition to student, then later, to full time writer. 

I too have had my doubts. But over the past week, things have somehow changed. I have lost the urge to jump in to solve other people’s challenges. I have also discovered how easy it is to say no, because pro-bono work was threatening to fill the creative time I’m trying to create. My body and my mind are telling me that the time really has come to make that change. 

I’m lucky in that I no longer need to work to earn money. So the problem has I guess been one of confidence. Will my chosen career change will deliver the social impact by which I now measure my success? But now I know that the skills that have made me a successful social entrepreneur will also make me a successful non-fiction author. I’ve written 19 books already, but never given any one of them the time they deserve to truly change the word. 

The next 18 months are going to be both interesting and exciting. Watch this space!