Rotational burning is an established practice on manged moorland. As they age, heather plants become tough and lose their palatability. A controlled burn takes away the old growth, leaving space for new more tender young plants to take their place.

It strikes me that a career can also benefit from the periodic removal of old and outdated views, perceptions and practices. Only then can new, more creative ideas take their place. Those innovative thoughts have probably been there for a while, but been stifled by the heavy growth of what you have always done.

This already is my experience. Having decided to stop solving other people’s problems to focus on my career as a writer, ideas for books and writing projects that have been laying dormant for months, or even years are starting to see the light.

It’s so tempting to leap on to these as they emerge and make them my next big project, but I’m going to wait a while and see what else emerges.