Every now and then you meet someone so transparently authentic, it forces you to question your own values. Am I really spending my time being the person I need to be, or I am still sacrificing vision for the comfort of familiar routines?

Tony did not set out to make this point. His passion is old French motor cars, which he restores for others and drives for himself. He has defined his niche in the world and sits comfortably within it. He has not amassed great wealth, but lives very happily within his means. His work makes others happy and that just works to make him more content with who he is and how he spends his time.

We met by chance, but I'm glad we spent an hour together discussing life, politics and Citroen cars. It's meant I've started my working week even more determined to be the change I want to see in the world. Does your authenticity show, or is 'stuff' still getting in the way?