I visited Canary Wharf this week for a meeting. Running underground between the towering office blocks is a shopping mall. As usual, it was crowded with people purposefully striding from one place to another. There were none of the dawdling old folk you find in your local high street. Docklands is a young persons world; most were aged under 50.

Sitting on the 30th floor of one of those buildings, waiting for my meeting, I picked up a copy of The Times. Inside was a full page article with the headline; 'Postwar baby boomer deaths to reach their peak in 2044'. It seems that statisticians have worked out that this will be the year when more baby boomers die than in any other.

A quick calculation revealed that in 2044 I will reach the age of 89. Only two members of my family have made it to that age, with many dying far younger. It's quite likely that I will be one of those making 2044 a year when deaths peak.

The thought that 2044 is very likely to be my last year, has been with me all week. It's focused my ambition and made me far quicker to dismiss what I feel will turn out to be a waste of time. However old we are today, we can all benefit from injecting a little more urgency into our efforts to realise our goals.