If you'd said to me a few years ago that I'd be at the Norfolk Show this year as a Show Chaplain, I'd have laughed at you. (I must learn never to make assumptions about what the future might hold!) Because for much of both Wednesday and Thursday this week I was patrolling the showground wearing a Quaker t-shirt and the badge above.

People who knew me were startled. Those who didn't simply saw me as one of an assorted bunch, each representing a different church group in Norfolk. But what surprised me was the conversations this role prompted. One person I've known for years, but not that well, told me all about his battle with addiction. Another told me of his own voluntary position with the church he attends, I guess to show some solidarity with my role.

Of course the connection between faith and social entrepreneurship is quite close. Many who have changed the world over the years were motivated by religious conviction. I've written before about how I am inspired by the early Quaker industrialists, who managed very nicely to combine profit with social purpose. That's no different to what I'm trying to do today with Swarm Apprenticeships and Norwich Mustard.

But what matters more than what you believe, is that you believe something. What matters more than your ability to bring about social change is that you try, rather than shake your head, say 'how terrible' and then return to what you were doing. And you need not work alone, as there are brilliant organisations like Power to Change there to help you.

The future will not be created by a few people doing big things, but by many people doing small things. When are you going to make a start?