I know I’m far from alone in wanting to change the world. Many are dissatisfied with the way things are and want to make things better. As Government continues to wrestle with the impossible challenge of matching need with resources, it falls upon ordinary folk like you and me to lead sustainable change.

All the evidence says that top down delivery is inefficient, poorly targeted and rarely delivers sustainable change. Give people the ability to organise things for themselves and the opposite can be achieved; cost effective, sustainable change that makes a difference where it’s needed the most.

So I was delighted to be invited to join the business panel at Power to Change. Setting aside the source of the £150m fund this organisation has to spend by 2025 on stimulating and supporting community enterprise, it’s a great outfit to be involved with. They’re focused, flexible and with a healthy attitude to risk, that accepts that the best way to learn is by doing.

For me personally as a Quaker, there’s also recognition that pragmatic comprises often have to be made. I cannot endorse Big Lottery, who funded Power to Change, but I can wholeheartedly support the use of Lottery money to create a more equal world.