I've long been a fan of community owned cooperatives. It's a fair, open and enterprising way that people who feel strongly about something can stop sounding off and do something positive. The story of Colman's mustard leaving Norwich is just such an opportunity.

I believe that with the right people in the team, we can create a new local mustard brand that keeps the history alive, in a contemporary, sustainable way. I don't see Norwich Mustard competing with Colmans, but being a 21st century opportunity to create a new brand that excites, delights and can return modest dividends to those who buy shares.

The idea is not my own, but that of a local politician who for now, wishes to remain anonymous. He, like me, recognises that holding public office can make it hard to leap into something new with  both feet and a loud splash. That needs fools like me; social entrepreneurs with passion, energy and in my case a track record of doing what at first appears impossible.

So here I am on my 1964 Fordson Super Dexta speaking my mind about Norwich Mustard. Can you help make this happen? Let me know robert@robertashton.co.uk