We all know that if we eat more than we need, we will get fat. Eating enough keeps you healthy, whilst consuming more than enough can make you ill.

And so it is the same with work. I have habitually over-worked to the point where I've become addicted to over-achieving. Perhaps you are the same. The trouble is that people come to expect more and more from you, which prompts you to strive for even greater success. It is a vicious, ever tightening circle.

So the word I plan to reflect on as 2019 unfolds, is the word 'enough.' The OED defines enough as 'as much or as many as required.' I plan to make sure I always do enough, plus perhaps a tiny bit more to give margin for error. But I will no longer do much more than enough. Instead I will spend my new-found free time learning, so that I can better understand the world around me. I might then be better able to lead change.

This more balanced approach may make me wiser. It will certainly help me manage my mental health. It might also just make me more effective in the things I set out to do. So as you sit down to make your New Year Resolutions, do yourself a favour, be realistic and only set out to do enough to make your life, and the lives of those you love, better.