Somebody asked me yesterday how I was going to see in the New Year. 'Asleep in bed of course,' was my reply. I prefer my own company to that of others and luckily am married to a woman who shares my dislike of socialising. We live very happily together with no need for the whirlwind of social activities Facebook would have me believe is normal.

Yet in my work, I have a strong and active network of people with whom I share views and at times, collaborate. I know that only by sharing challenges can the best opportunities be identified. I'm often hired to speak to audiences of entrepreneurs, some social and all focused on achieving success. Later this month I'm meeting someone who heard me speak in Hull back in September. We've kept in touch and an idea is slowly emerging from our conversations. (I wonder if other professional speakers do this?)

And then of course I'm a huge fan of cooperatives and the way they involve everyone. But I choose to spend my own time on my own. I like to think this gives me objectivity and of course writing is a solitary pursuit. Last year also saw me accepted into Quaker membership, so I quite literally now have 23,000 new Friends across the UK.