I'm an early adopter. I've learned over the years that it pays to be one of the first to try something new and not wait. So I was really pleased to discover Virtual Commercial days after they launched their new online commercial estate agency.

The time is long past when house hunters eagerly searched the shop window of their local estate agent, or the local newspaper to find a new home. Now everyone searches online, so why do estate agents pay High Street business rates and maintain a shop window? I suspect the answer is habit and because it's always been done this way.

So I'm not surprised that within hours of my offices being listed on Virtual Commercial I have an enquiry and let one room to a bright young entrepreneur. My offices are now listed on five well known online portals, for example here on Zoopla.

Good innovation is always uncomfortable and often positively disruptive. You either go with it or get left behind. I predict that 2018 will be the year of disruptive innovation. We cannot change Brexit or Government but we can change the way we do business. Don't get left behind.