I'm pretty determined to leave the world in a better state than I found it. With my 62nd birthday fast approaching, I don't have time to waste, and so all of my work these days involves helping others grow their social impact.

I am also a Quaker and a Fellow of the RSA. Both organisations strive to create a fairer, more equal and honest world. I've also learned over the years, that bringing together familar brands to collaborate to achieve a common goal can attract attention and deliver results.

So I've organised a debate in Norwich on 3rd October between 1800 and 2030. As well as Norwich Quaker Meeting and the RSA, I've also involved Norwich Cathedral, East of England Coop, Blueprint for Better Business and Investing Ethically, a super local investment broker.

Symptomatic of my enthusiasm for the project is the wide range of places you'll find information about the event. And you can click here to book your place.

So you will also find this event publicised by:

There's room for 200 and I reckon we will be fully booked weeks before the event. My hope is that enough interest will be generated on the night for a project to emerge that will illustrate how today, more than ever before, the purpose driven business is a more profitable business.

I hope I'll see you there