I make my living by taking on risky projects. It's what social entrepreneurs do, because without risk, there can be no gain. I work to remove the barriers to opportunity faced by people denied a fair chance by the perceptions or prejudices of others.

Often I see new ways of doing things and have to persuade others that what I am suggesting is possible. Fortunately I have a reputation for making happen what to others seems impossible. That reputation is constantly exposed to risk, yet I simply would not be happy taking on 'safe' projects. I'd find them boring and unfulfilling.

Attitudes to risk 2

I sometimes envy those of my age who no longer need income. They have the freedom to pursue projects that have no promise of ever paying any fee. Yet without the need to make a project economically viable for me, I'd risk making it unviable for those I'm striving to help. The world already has too many funding dependent projects.

As Mark Zuckerberg is quoted as saying; 'in a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guranteed to fail, is not taking risks.'

What risks are you planning to take this week?

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