Recently I sat a few feet from Terry Waite as he read some of his poetry and talked with my friend Steve Foyster about his life. The event was organised by Norwich's Revelation Christian Resource Centre and the audience appeared to comprise solely of grey haired Anglicans. (I think that Waite and I were the only Quakers in the room!)

The event followed an afternoon meeting with an excellent business coach, who had challenged me to listen to my instinct, take time out from project work and give my writing career opportunity to flourish.

Yes I've had 19 books published, but all were written in between often quite demanding work projects. I know my best books have yet to be written and my first biography is currently taking shape; albeit slowly.

But listening to Terry Waite gave me an idea. His poems were vivid descriptions of his experiences as a hostage, as an Archbishop's envoy and simply as a compassionate observer of life's journey. I've often flirted with poetry, but rarely made time to craft poetry that can change perceptions and attitudes.

And so my plan is to step back from the business coalface for six months and let me writing do the driving . . . I'll no doubt share where that journey leads me.