Frogs puff out their throat to get attention. They think it makes them sexy and helps them get their amphibious legs over. It certainly gets them noticed and judging by the number of frogs cavorting round my pond at the moment, works for them.

But making a lot of noise about how important you think you are doesn't work so well for those of us selling our time and expertise to others. Reputation and gravitas can work far better than flamboyant self promotion. But then you have to get noticed?

I recently met a guy who has one of those 'come and get me' websites. You know the ones I mean; where the deeper into the site you delve, the more strident and frequent the invitations to sign up and start paying.

Yet when we met, he was nothing like the brash, self-important, person his website suggested. He was modest, confident in his abilities and moreover, determined to make a difference in the world as well as earn a living. His website almost put me off meeting him, which would have been a pity as he was a lovely man.

I find social media, in particular Twitter, allows me to be comment on current hot topics in ways that allow those who might hire me to find me. I follow Granovetter's approach, which is that it is better that many know you slightly, then just a few know you well.

Success I'd say comes from being easily discoverable, rather than always puffed upmaking a lot of noise. How do you make it easy for people to find and hire you?

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