Robert has become an Ambassador Potential Plus UK to support and promote their principles and practices of 'High Learning Potential'. Potential Plus UK are an independent charity supporting children with high learning potential (gifted and talented) by working with families, schools and professionals.


Potential Plus UK's aim is to enable children of all ages with high learning potential to grow in confidence, thrive and achieve social, emotional and academic fulfilment.

This includes children and young people:
• With exceptional abilities
• Who have the ability to achieve; but who, for whatever reason, are not achieving their potential
• Who are dual or multiple exceptional (gifted with special educational need or disability)
• Who are profoundly gifted (approximately 0.01% of children)

Potential Plus UK achieve this in the following ways:
• By working directly with families and professionals to help them support children with high learning potential
• By working with the children and young people to enthuse them, challenge them and to encourage their friendships with like-minded peers
• We help to support thousands of children around the country and we hope that we will be able to support you, whether you are a child or young person, a parent, carer or a professional.

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