Perhaps it's my age, but I've seen several interesting jobs advertised recently. Of course I've been my own boss now for 27yrs now and that's not likely to change. I've employed people over the years but not been employed myself since 1990.

In recent years some projects have felt a little like jobs. I've worked on them over several years and very much become one of the team. But there's always been a significant, although subtle difference. I've invoiced my time and never been subject to the inevitable regime of being managed.


My latest venture, the Turnpike Press is shaping up well with our first book about to go to print. More books are coming along, including one I plan to write myself. I can see myself hiring staff before too long and once more being a boss.

Money is far less important to me than it once was and my mission now is to have positive social impact. Can I achieve more if CEO of someone else's organisation than I can running my own business? I doubt it. Not every decision I take proves to have been the best one, but at least I've made the decisions, not acted on those made by others.

My world is what I choose to make it. Few employees can say that.