It was 15 years ago that Elizabeth and Charles Handy wrote 'Reinvented Lives'. The book profiles 28 women who reinvented their lives at or around the age of 60. 'It must be a women thing,' I thought back then, 'because chaps stick to what they do best and do it until they drop.'

Of course I was wrong. But it was only when I expressed envy at the way Andrew Barnes has, at the age of 60, moved from leading a law firm to becoming Master of the Great Hospital, one of Norwich's finest institutions, that my wife pointed out that I too had reinvented myself. I've been too close to myself see what to others may be obvious.

After 30 years of supporting new or growing enterprises, often in the third sector; after writing 19 books and speaking at countless conferences and events, I have decided that I can make the greatest difference as a publisher.

Turnpike Press will publish books with the potential to make the world a better place. Each will be underwritten by organisations with a vested interest in the change the author is striving to bring about. They will fund the book and take the risk. They will also help reduce that risk by helping us to market the book. I hope all will see their investment returned, to fund the other work that they do.

Our first book is in production. It's a book on charity leadership, written for those striving to make a difference on a rapidly changing funding landscape.The second, will help parents and teenagers understand why growing up can be so tough. The author has lots of experience and a unique and very effective approach to reducing the growing demand for CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

Once a sponsor has been repaid, we will share the profit from a book's sales with the author 50:50. This can clearly be a good deal for the author when their book succeeds.

So I have reinvented myself at 60, or to be accurate, in the weeks before my 62nd birthday. Is it as Liz Handy suggests something we all do at around 60? I'd be interested to know if you've reinvented yourself too.