I recently read a news story about a newly appointed CEO who was promising to transform and modernise his organisation. But he was pictured wearing a tie, which to me suggests something quite different. Innovators rarely do conformity.

The last time I wore a tie was to be introduced to the Duke of Edinburgh at a Buckingham Palace garden party. I've not worn one since and doubt I'll ever wear one again. But in his garden, by his invitation even I followed convention that one time.

Recently John Bercow reassuring relaxed the rule that says that male MPs have to wear a tie. Perhaps released from that convention, they might just challenge some of the other assumptions that are holding back progress. The world has changed and no amount of sticking with past conventions will turn the clock back.


So how are you dressed today? Are conforming to an outdated convention and wearing a tie? If so, take it off and see how feeling different and looking more relaxed helps you work more creatively. Is there a female equivalent? Yes, perhaps high heels.