I heard George Lakey speak in Norwich recently. He was talking about his latest book Viking Economics, which I've read and recommend to you. George married a Norwegian and taught in Oslo for many years. His book makes the point that Scandinavians willingly pay high taxes because they get first class public services.

Here of course low tax is considered the priority, with the consequential lack of investment in public service an inevitability. He spoke of the contrast between Scandinavia and the UK and made the point that to change things, we need a collective vision of how we want the future to look.


I guess if asked most will be quick to tell you what they don't want, but struggle to define what they want their future to look like in anything other than material terms. But as we all know, stuff doesn't make you happy; it's relationships that do that.

As a Quaker and so a pacifist he is an advocate of non-violent opposition. He argued that if enough people protest peacefully, the change you want to see tends to happen. But that's not prevented him being arrested a few times and being held in a police cell.

As a writer, I was particularly struck by his point that good storytelling is a very powerful way to bring about social change. It's why I set up the Turnpike Press, to publish stories that deserve to be read.

I don't particularly want to get arrested, but do want to play my part in making the world a better place. It's time to focus harder on writing and publishing!