By Charles Marshall at Authentic Mental Health

Everyone should find someone who can help them better themselves in life, anyone can find a mentor, the English dictionaries defines a mentor as ‘An experienced and trusted advisor’ I believe everyone should have a mentor regardless of their background.

I know I have had lots of help in my life especially with mental illness. For the majority of people their mentors are their parents as they are ‘older and more experienced in life’ However you can find someone who can guide you in the right direction just about anywhere.

One of the most influential people I had the fortune to come across was Robert Ashton. He is an entrepreneur, public speaker and author. He has written 19 books to date and is currently working on his 20th. I was reading one of his books called ‘sales for non sales people’ and it literally changed my whole perspective on my life and life in general. It’s not just a book for entrepreneurs and people who own a business, it’s about selling YOURSELF and bettering your life! I would highly recommend purchasing this book, it has taught me not be afraid of the unknown and go for it! Everyone has to start somewhere.

After reading his book I got in contact with Robert, if im being totally honest with you most authors are arrogant and don’t usually care about their ‘readers’ so I wasn’t expecting a reply from him. To my surprise within 10 minutes of sending my email he had replied! He seemed a humble, intelligent and experienced man. I explained to him my situation and mentioned I am trying to help people with mental health conditions to which I showed him my website. He was really supportive and told me what he though and how I could improve the website. To my shock Robert disclosed to me how he had suffered a few years ago from a mental illness…. Depression.

To cut a long story short Robert is now my go to person whenever I need help. Just because you have suffered from a mental illness in your life doesn’t mean you need to put your life on hold. Look at Robert, he suffered from a really bad time due to his depression however look at what he has achieved during his life, that could you too!

I would highly recommend researching him, maybe even buy a few of his books or even message him. He is someone you can easily relate too and help change your life for the better.