I’ve had 19 books published to date, with Pearson, Hodder, Hamlyn and Wiley. All are respected with global coverage. It’s enabled readers around the world to read my books. It’s all been rather good.

Publishing is a tough business and any new book commissioned is a compromise. There’s the book the author wants to write, and the book a publisher thinks will sell. What emerges is usually something that, in my experience, contains the best of both starting points.


Social enterprise is in my view quite different. I wrote a book titled ‘How to be a Social Entrepreneur’ for Wiley in 2010. It’s still current and still in print. But over the past five years I’ve learned a lot. I’ve even started a social enterprise, Swarm, and seen it through from birth to recognition and success.

I wanted to write another book. I wanted it to inspire and support those who like me want to change the world, but who perhaps unlike me, aren’t quite foolhardy enough to throw their all into a new social venture.

Most of all, I wanted to say it like it is. No beating about the bush and no political correctness. Changing the world hurts. You only succeed when you manage the pain, so that your passion doesn’t lead you up endless blind alleys.

And who better to publish this new book than Unbound. Once you’ve had your book accepted (which is far from simple) the first edition is crowdfunded. They’ve in effect called my bluff. If I think the book will be popular, I have to prove it before it gets published.

And so here’s my plea. If you want to lead the change you want to see in the world, help me and pledge your support. You might even choose to pay a little more and ask me a question. The answer will then appear in the book, as well as your name.

Just like social enterprise should be, this book is a collaborative project. I need you and you need me. Let’s do it!