There’s something quite affirming about being recognised. Especially so when (I modestly admit) it was all my idea. Yes, Swarm Apprenticeships is now a Future 50 company.

Future 50 is a regional programme that’s ‘designed to recognise Norfolk and Suffolk's most innovative companies.’ There are, says the Future 50 website, ones ‘growing at a faster rate than others and that have the drive and ambition needed to be leaders in their sector.’

Future 50 is organised by NWES and Archant, with partners Barclays, Birketts, Lovewell Blake and UEA adding ongoing support throughout.  All in all it’s an exciting opportunity.

So when in 2013 I secured a great from Norfolk County Council to launch Swarm, I was out to prove a point. I was convinced that for bright young people with get up and go, an enterprise apprenticeship could give them the opportunity they need to prove their worth.

Later, I hired Chris Perry as Managing Director. He has the sector experience I knew I needed. He also has the tenacity and determination to hang in long after I’d have lost interest and moved on. It’s fair to say that Chris has made Swarm his own and the company has evolved to better meet the need we can both see.

So it was Chris, and his commercial manager Carl Long who went to Lowestoft the other evening. There, the 2016 Future 50 were announced and Swarm found itself a member of a rather exclusive, progressive network.

They returned excited. Not only because we’d been recognised, but quite a few others in the room had invited Swarm to help them train their young staff members. Everyone wants people who are enterprising and that is what Swarm is all about!