Activia Training Interview with Social Entrepreneur and Time Management Expert Robert Ashton

I was asked some very pertinent questions by Ashley at Activia that forced me to see myself as others view me. It’s just too easy as a social entrepreneur to get too focused on the goals to pause and reflect from time to time.

I captured what I do in just one sentence: I work independently, challenging complacency and championing common sense.

This translates into me spending time I find new ways to solve the deep rooted problems that often hold back progress. Injustice and inequality of opportunity angers me, and much of my work involves levelling playing fields so everyone can play!

I also love writing and have 19 published books under my belt. Now that I’m 60, I intend to spend rather less time helping others chase their dreams one at a time. By writing the right books, I can help thousands succeed.

The interview ends with one of my greatest challenges. I simply find it too hard to say no to a compelling, interesting and often heart-tugging opportunity to help someone else succeed. The moral is, that making time to be successful yourself, makes you better able to help others!

Now here’s that link again to the full interview on Time Management

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