I spent half a decade expecting 60 to be a pivotal year. In readiness for the 'new me' I bought a piano and started lessons (I take my Grade One exam in November). But little did I realise as my 61st birthday passed, that only now am I really experiencing a fundamental personal transition.

Let me start with what I am no longer going to do. There will be no more e-newsletters to thousands of people. Instead I will post these blogs on my website and announce them on twitter. I am no longer going to market myself assertively. You see now I'll only work only with those few people who offer opportunities to help deliver exciting, positive, sustainable social change.

Even before I post this, I'm finding the right opportunities dropping into my lap and the wrong opportunities passing my by. It's funny how when you put your faith in 'the right things happening' it does.

"Ecce homo" (Behold the Man) by Antonio Ciseri (1880)

"Ecce homo" (Behold the Man) by Antonio Ciseri (1880)

Which brings me to the second significant change in my life. This one really did catch me by surprise. You see I have returned to religion, after decades of bitter atheism. More on this later, but don't ask me out on a Sunday morning as I will have to turn you down.

Reading Brian Thorpe's excellent book; 'Behold the Man' I discover that I am far from unique in having started life a practicing Christian, only to push it away when let down by someone I trusted who had encouraged my Faith. Now I have returned and like you, I am still recovering from the shock.

Salvador Dali's 1943 painting "Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man"

Salvador Dali's 1943 painting "Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man"

Finally, having spent my requisite 10,000 hours writing books, I am now ready to move on from business writing to explore humanity itself. I have written my last business book, and with support from an excellent mentor, introduced by the Norwich Writers Centre am working on my second biography.

Working title for the book is 'The Spiral'. It is the biography of an Irishman who experienced poverty, prejudice, loss of Faith and increasing social isolation over a long life lived on both sides of the Irish Sea. He was an intelligent, sensitive and often misunderstood man. I'm writing this blog in Roscommon, near to where he grew up.

I'm researching this book as I've researched no other. It's a book that will provoke its readers to see themselves afresh. I hope it will help people avoid the trap of turning in on themselves and falling into their own downward spiral.

Watch this space.