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“I had the pleasure of hearing Robert speak at a workshop exploring social innovation. In twenty minutes, he took us on a whirlwind tour of inspiring projects he has spearheaded, sharing his unique mix of entrepreneurial spirit and passion for generating meaningful social change. I challenge anyone to leave on of his talks without being motivated to try make a difference.”

Billie Jenkins, Communications Manager, PNE Group, Newcastle

"Delighted that Robert could join us in Hull for the first National Start-Up Day! Robert has a warmth that people connect with easily, he is realistic and down to earth with a broad depth of knowledge and experiences to share. Attendees found him inspiring with an ability to positively challenge them to try new things. And this doesn’t stop after the event, some of our them are still in touch with him.

Book him early - Robert will help to promote and generate interest in your event too!"

Sue Pleasance Enterprise & IP Lead Officer, Business & IP Centre Hull

"I wanted to let you know that I found your lecture absolutely amazing. Your presentation was deeply rooted in practical application and I found the the day highly inspiring."

Fabrizio Donati

"I have known Robert (aka the 'Barefoot Entrepreneur') for over 30yrs as we lived close to each other in the UK. He's an activist and a champion for those that are perceived to be 'different' by the system. He was recently described as ‘a human-scale entrepreneur on a talk-circuit dominated by supposedly super-human entrepreneurs who most of us find it hard to relate to.’ He's an author and campaigner; often supporting those that don't have a voice or get heard. He's also a strong advocate for breaking mental health stigma and shame; plus getting the necessary services and making them available, which are so badly needed. The world needs more passionate people like Robert Ashton - who tells it as it is."

David Stanton, TATVA Centre, Goa

"Since meeting Robert in 2013 I have been constantly amazed and by his endless energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the cause of improving both business and social enterprise within the regional and wider economy.”

Gary Parker, Manger, Growth Accelerator, Norfolk

“We are under no illusion as to the challenge which faces us here but I feel very encouraged in the knowledge that we have someone with your experience and talents prepared to fight our cause."

Philip Talbot, Norwich Christian Resource Centre

"Just to say thank you so much for your time today, it has really helped me clear some questions I had and also presented me with some ideas to follow up. I'll let you know how we get on and hopefully meet you in person one day!"

Tania Tirraoro, Special Needs Jungle

"Robert Ashton has been an integral part of the team that worked on producing an initial feasibility study to determine whether or not Thetford Town Council should take on the former Charles Burrell High School site in the town. Robert brought to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience that broadened the horizons of the project team and streamlined our decision making processes. Of particular use was Robert’s knowledge and experience of similar projects and the connections that he was able to call upon. Robert suggested visit opportunities and used his networking skills to bring people to the table quickly. All of this support was invaluable and assisted the Council in eventually making the decision to sign the lease and take on the challenge. If Robert undertakes work for you, insist that he incorporates an orang-utan picture in any presentation he does!"

Councillor Terry Jermy, Norfolk County Councillor & Leader of Breckland Council Labour Group

“Robert is not one to take no for an answer, always finding creative ways of how things can be done! Robert is an excellent motivator, mentor, forward thinker who brings new ideas to the table and gets things done by using his wealth of experience."

Sharon Knights, Business Development

"Robert delivered a speech for us recently at a Business Referral Seminar. Robert gave us his insight about business networking, unveiling different ways of thinking imaginatively with new ways of engaging clients and customers. Feedback I had from the speech Robert delivered was ‘Quirky and clever’ ‘Interesting and diverse ideas’ ‘Robert was well worth listening to’ Robert is an excellent communicator being undoubtedly a thought provoking and stirring speaker. His relaxed manner of speaking is really appealing but also encouraging. Unquestionably he is a true giant of entrepreneurial leaders. In short, he is inspirational and original and I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to listen and learn from Robert."

Lorna Burroughes, Developing connections for growth - Thrive

Robert is that kind of individual you wish you could meet. If you want to gain insight about your business and way of working, then Robert will unveil a different way of thinking and new ways of engaging your customers. In short, he is inspirational, inventive and incomparable.

Johannes Ahrenfelt, Use Kuoob to Create Your Mobile Ad Service.

"Robert A is one of the world's nice guys. And there aren't many of them around these days. Bright, sharp, witty, friendly, astute. He always adds value. Must buy him a beer some time!"

Robert Craven, Professional Speaker, Author and Consultant at The Directors' Centre

"You have absolutely 100% been my biggest inspiration; I wouldn't be in the park home world at all if you hadn't already been there and introduced me! I'm extremely grateful to you and a lot of the methods and thought processes you use in business have stuck with me and paid off. I can't thank you enough."

Bella Brodie, Editor, Holiday Living

"A big big thank you for coming down to Greenwich and delivering the workshop, mentoring and panel discussion and just getting stuck in - and also for being so flexible. It was great working with you and I hope we have the pleasure of working with you again soon!"

Harsha Patel MBA, Social Enterprise Strategy Manager (PT)

"Working with Robert has greatly improved our confidence and ambition in working towards realising our goals. He has at the same time challenged us and opened up new creative possibilities, given us a much clearer view of the other organisations we need to work with, and most importantly given them a better focused and more receptive view of us."

David Nettleship, Chairman of the Trustees, East Coast Hospice

"Robert Ashton is a one-off. When Norfolk Library and Information Service was awarded some funding to support enterprise in Norfolk we knew that Robert would offer something unique and inspiring. We commissioned Robert as the opening speaker at two events supporting business start-up and social enterprise and he delivered exactly what we wanted - upfront, challenging and thought provoking talks that inspire people to think differently about themselves, their ideas and their businesses.

Robert's talks make you realise what is possible when you think differently and while being completely honest and open about the scale of the work and the challenges that will lie ahead. Robert invites us to see those challenges as inviting and exciting opportunities we cannot afford to miss. Robert represents the philosophy and practices of future businesses: a world where profit and social value are inextricably linked and of equal value and where ideas that can make money and change the world are at the heart of the global economy."

Nick Little, Norfolk Library

"With four new books out in 2012 you could describe him as prolific. He is certainly energetic, with the curiosity of a three year old and an amazing ability to solve the most daunting enterprise conundrums. I can honestly say that if you're running a business, school, charity or campaign and everyone's telling you you'll fail; Robert's the man who'll help you prove them wrong."

Tony Quinn, IQ Marketing

"I like Robert - he's a human-scale entrepreneur on a talk-circuit dominated by supposedly super-human entrepreneurs who most of us find it hard to relate to. He talks a lot of sense." 

Rob Greenland, Social Business Consulting

"Robert is great at looking at what many would call "problems" with a different eye to many out there. By breaking things apart and looking at all the points in a practical, real life way. 

Robert is able to help those wanting to make things happen get underway quickly It is very easy to feed off his contagious enthusiasm for making things happen."

Richard Dix, Rural Broadband

"I interviewed Robert for a magazine feature. He's one of those people who in an instant open a world of possibilities that you'd never imagined before. You can literally feel your brain growing as you talk to him."

Anne Gould, Freelance editor at Workingwordz Media

"Its always refreshing to work with someone who just keeps 'bouncing' - full of energy and always seems to have a positive outlook - that's Robert - if you want to keep your business on track and pool entrepreneurial ideas he is the guy to speak with."

Graham Anderson, System Architect of OpenCRM

"Robert has vast knowledge and experience and contributed to SEEE's quarterly magazine. His articles were inspirational and thought provoking and a pleasure to read. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert."

Ilse Leenders, Chair & Co Founder at CandleSpark

"I met Robert at an event for small businesses at Carrow Road, Norwich. I was just starting out in a self employed role marketing Artwork to Galleries and Retailers. Robert was really interested in my business, and showed a deep passion for helping me in any way he could. His passion for entrepreneurship really shone through, and his enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on me. Whenever I speak to him now he is always doing something to help small companies become more profitable. Hear really good things about his work locally to. Robert is one of the few people I would look to for business advice, he knows how the world works and knows lots of people within it! 

A really sound guy who you only hear good things about."

Jacob Wardrop, System Consultant at Union Square Software

"I hired Robert to deliver a thought provoking, challenging and mildly risqué session on social entrepreneurship in the third sector; I got exactly this and more. Robert delivered a session so tantalisingly creative and inventive (there was no death by PowerPoint, no intense theory, just innovative and inclusive conversation with his audience) that people left the event asking when they could access more. This strikes me as a man fuelled by passion who is willing to share his knowledge and experience to those who wish to listen."

Clayton Anderson, Outcomes, Social Impact, Fundraising, Evaluation and Training Professional

"I have not worked with Robert but been fortunate enough to bump into him around the networking block on a few occassions. As a result of similar interests we have met a few times and I never fail to be inspired by his enthusiasm for everything that he does. He has a unique style of thought and delivery and writes a bloody good book. I refer to his work regularly and would recommend both his writing and him personally. Book him to speak and buy his books."

Brian Bush, Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, Connector, Doer

"We contacted Robert through Business Link and he has been a great help in marketing our business services; helping us produce brochures in time for launch of a new service at a seminar; introducing us to Rebecca George PR and helping us think through options for our future business strategy."

James Sims Williams, Solar PV Wholesale Business Development Manager at Midsummer Energy

"If you're looking for someone with a vision with a big V, then Robert's your man. 
He's got a knack of thinking laterally and finding the pieces to fit together to make it happen. A rare combination of vision and practicality!"

Melanie Ducret, Partnership & Hospitality Assistant, Montreux Jazz Festival

"Robert is a clear speaker and excellent communicator. We collaborated on the early stages of a possible project which in the end led to nothing - but I would happily work with Robert again should the opportunity arise."

David De Rycke, Independant Consultant, Operations and Logistics.

"Robert and I collaborated on helping an inventor get his product off the ground. The inventor in question was very naive and the journey was not easy, but Robert provided good insight and generous support. I am looking forward to working with Robert again in the future."

Simon Powell, Director Technique at Thirard SAS