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Barefoot Business Review

You know sometimes we get too involved fighting the business battles to remember why we're fighting the war. Your enterprise is up and running, but right now a few things are starting to hold you back. They might be specific, or more likely just that growing sense of unease. It's like when you visit a new place and suspect you're just one street away from where you really ought to be.

This two hour barefoot business review is an opportunity to stop, take stock and reflect. It's an opportunity to discuss what's getting between you and success with one of the UK's most creative business thinkers. You'll arrive with a list of problems and leave with a list of things to do.

Why barefoot? Well it's about allowing yourself to feel just a little uncomfortable. Doing something you don't usually do. It's a physical metaphor for the conversation we're going to have.

Email Chris to get a date in the diary and take the first step towards the future success you deserve.

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