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13 August 2014
Update from the BarefootPA: Bok now before it's too late!
It's that time of year again when you have the opportunity to book Robert to speak at YOUR BUSINESS conference! I am now taking bookings for Autumn and Winter 2014 so email me...

21 May 2014
Top photographer Esther Ling captures Robert
Last week top photographer Esther Ling took to Turnpike Farm Business Centre to capture Robert's head quarters and of course the man himself!

21 May 2014
What's the hardest thing about skydiving? - The ground!
There are several very succesful people in Norfolk who started their careers working for me. I'm not the easiest boss to please and delegation is something I've always found difficult...

19 May 2014
Sales for Non-Salespeople Kick's off!
With his exciting new sales book on the horizon (Sales for Non-Salespeople), Robert Ashton last week pilotted his new sales keynote presentation at City College Norwich's Start-up Lounge...

15 May 2014
My NEW book - Sales for Non-Salespeople

This is the view from my publisher's window. It reveals a sea of opportunity. Perhaps not streets paved with gold, but something close...

15 May 2014
Wage robbers & charity fundraising

Those nice people at St Elizabeth's Hospice invited me to speak to a group of their business supporters recently....

17 Feb 2014
Why the Barefoot Entrepreneur? 

My challenge was that as a successful social entrepreneur, innovator and business author, everyone had heard of me but few fully understood how I could help them...

17 Dec 2013
Robert speaks to UHI business idea competition 2013 Audience

Robert Ashton, the Barefoot Entrepreneur, entertained an audience of around 80 at the evening Awards Ceremony.

19 Nov 2013
Let's get civil society talking [Civil Society]

Some people argue that social media is making us all less social. Reflecting on this, Robert Ashton decides that sometimes it is good to talk.

13 Nov 2013
What's the difference between a parish council and a trade association? [New Start]

Robert recently spoke at two different conferences to two very different audiences.

5 Nov 2013
The time for charity cynicism over 'big corporate' is over
[Civil Society]

Large companies are increasingly viewing values and charity as critical to commercial success. Robert Ashton explains why he wants to give Nike a big tick, and why charities should too.

29 Oct 2013
Money can't buy me love [Civil Society]

Some charities do not see the affluent middle class as their market, but the recent suicide of a friend has led Robert Ashton to reflect that sometimes they should.

16 Oct 2013
Art for art's sake? [Civil Society]

Robert Ashton invokes Maslow's hierachy of needs while pondering whether arts organisations should still receive public funding in the new age of austerity.

8 Oct 2013
Is it because I sometimes wear red trousers? [Civil Society]

Robert Ashton has accepted an invitation to be a patrol of his local branch of Relate, and has been researching what the role entails.

2 October 2013
Is there a Luddite in your CVS? [Civil Society]

Robert Ashton is aghast at the recent behaviour of a mentee's local CVS.

1 Oct 2013
Community Land Trusts mean everyone can be a winner [New Start]

Done correctly, setting up a community land trust means that everyone can be a winner. Isn't that what the future is going to be all about?

24 September
Do you earn a living wage? [Civil Society]

As his fledgling social enterprise charts new territory, Robert Ashton ponders the issue of how much to pay himself.

12 September 2013
Who's the boss around here? [Civil Society]

Charities fill their boards with governance experts at their peril.

19 Aug 2013
You can write good grant applications, but can you close a deal? [New Start]

After writing a book called 'How To Sell', Robert has become a very picky buyer.

13 August 2013
Where's teenage logic when it comes to jobs? [Civil Society]

Robert Ashton has set up a social business to help young people find employment, but finds the work ethic and enthusiasm of Britains teenagers is lacking.

7 August 2013
Pull the udder one [Civil Society]

Robert Ashton has seen the future, and it's community-owned farms and other enterprises.

5 August 2013
Why it's time for Justin Welby to grow a bead like Branson [Civil Society]

The Archbishop of Canterbury's push into credit union is entrepreneurial, it is a move worthy of Richard Branson says Robert Ashton

24 July 2013
It's no good having wind unless others follow through! [Civil Society]

Robert Ashton warns that government may be happy to incentivise investors to find emerging markets, like social impact bonds, for a time, but they can swiftly change their mind

15 July 2013
Did you fail your 11 plus? [New Start]

I failed my 11 plus. I did it on purpose to annoy my dad. It's a long story, best left untold.

11 July 2013
Spanner in the works [Civil Society]

Robert Ashton shows why it's essential that grantmakers are flexible with organisations trying to help those most at need.

17 June 2013
Time to motivate the troops [Civil Society]
Robert believes you have to think more creatively to reach the right people.

13 June 2013
Beware the lady in a green quilted jacket [New Start]

My thought for today is this: if we could inspire those ladies in green quilted jackets to champion localism, things would really start to move.

20 May 2013
When ignorance is far from bliss [Civil Society]
A shifting political atmosphere is putting power in the hands of the inexperienced, warns Robert Ashton.

17 May 2013
Death by acronym [New Start]

You see, once ordinary people understand the challenge, and start to support it financially, the challenge changes. People talk about how and when, not if and where.

25 April 2013
Are we suffering from charity overkill? [The Mark Forrest Show]

17 April 2013
What do Margaret Thatcher and James Crosby have in common? [Civil Society]

The former PM and the banker's actions faced consequences in different generations. Robert Ashton discusses their very different responses to a problem born from a shared interest.

15 April 2013
Big Society - big success or big waste of time? [BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire]

Charity starts at home [Santander - Business Up Close]
Best-selling business author, experienced charity trustee and successful social entrepreneur Robert Ashton explains why he believes that, in the future, all businesses will be social businesses.

15 April 2013
Roads or housing? Which is your priority? [New Start]

The pension schemes need to invest competitively and see their return. We all need to see them investing in social housing.

09 April 2013
The case for handing over the reins [Civil Society]

New policy initiatives such as the Localism Act may have more potency in the hands of a younger generation of decision-makers, argues Robert Ashton.

03 April 2013
Swarm Apprenticeships Ltd launches job club during the Jobs Fair at The Forum, Norwich [BBC Radio Norfolk]

18 March 2013
A spoonful of sugar [New Start]

Giving to charity without any tangible return is a bitter pill for any organisation to swallow. Philanthropy is for families, not firms. As you set your sights on raiding the corporate coffers, remember what Mary Poppins taught you; that 'a spoonful of sugar' really does help the medicine go down!

14 March 2013
Unique scheme to get young people jobs is launched in Watton [Eastern Daily Press]
A company bringing Norfolk's market towns' young people and businesses together - whilst cutting out bureaucracy - has been launched.

07 March 2013
Are you speaking the right language? [Civil Society]

With different sectors increasingly interacting and doing 'business' with one-another, Robert Ashton says it's important we all learn to speak the same language.

06 March 2013
New apprenticeship scheme will help young people achieve their dreams [The Breckland View]
Year 11 students at Wayland Academy in Watton have been finding out about an exciting new training opportunity that will be available to them post GCSE.

04 March 2013
When was the last time you made a decision? [Civil Society]
People not process should be in charge of making decisions, says Robert Ashton.
20 February 2013
Hoe down or show down? [Civil Society]

A charity has a big decision to make. But Robert Ashton is unsure of whether the charity will be able to make it.

11 February 2013
Can I tell you about my problem with wind? [New Start]
It seems to me that Government needs to take a longer term view. It needs to work with the wind industry to align feed-in tariffs with the actual equipment and operating costs. Both sides want the same thing, so why the mismatch?

11 February 2013
A word in your ear [Civil Society]

Words can be used to excuse the inexcusable, says Robert Ashton, as he reflects on the report into Stafford Hospital.

05 February 2013
How many new homes can local pension pots fund? [New Start]

Time I think for everyone to stand demanding pears - well, not fruit pears, but pairs of houses everywhere their local government pension pot can afford.

05 February 2013
Have you got form? [Civil Society]

Do you often feel, despite your qualifications, that you're not taken seriously? Robert Ashton reflects on why personal experience carries weight.

30 January 2013
Slip sliding away [Civil Society]

Did you huddle securely indoors with your family during the snow last week or did you attack the slippery surroundings with gusto? Robert reflects on a very British obstacle.

24 January 2013
Corporate social responsibility could swamp social enterprise in 2013 [The Guardian]
Starbucks' offer to pay £20m in tax may spark a wave of social activity from big businesses
23 January 2013
Does your social enterprise contain a dead horse? [The Guardian]
Whenever you're tempted to focus on price alone and abandon the task of adding value, remember those cheap burgers

08 January 2013
Money for old rope? [Civil Society]
Robert Ashton explains how he came to understand the potential impact of micro-finance on a recent trip to India.

18 December 2012
And the punctuation prize goes to... [Civil Society]
Robert Ashton advises on the importance of attention to detail.

06 December 2012
Businesses in Diss area urged to get involved in apprenticeship pilot [Eastern Daily Press]

Businesses in the Diss area have been urged to get involved in a pioneering apprenticeships scheme, which could be rolled out to other parts of Norfolk.

28 November 2012
Could public service delivery agents be ripping off the vulnerable? [Civil Society]
A real-life experience prompts Robert Ashton to question the value and safeguards of public service providers for the vulnerable.

25 November  2012
How to join the Saffron scheme [Diss Express]
School leavers and businesses in Diss are set to benefit from the launch of a new apprenticeship scheme.
Created by Saffron Housing Trust (SHT), who have invested £90,000 in the project, the aim is to get more young people into the world of work by taking the risks away for local employers.

23 November 2012
MPs debate the need for young entrepreneurs at Norfolk Chamber business conference [Eastern Daily Press]

The need to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurial youngsters came under the spotlight today as opposition MPs debated the challenges facing Norfolk businesses.

07 November 2012
Businesses sign up to apprenticeship scheme [Watton and Swaffham Times]
Wayland businesses have started to sign up to an apprenticeship programme with a difference for budding entrepreneurs.

05 November 2012
Small is the new big [Civil Society]
A recent speaking engagement reminded Robert Ashton of the opportunities for grassroots organisations.

31 October 2012
Apprenticeship opportunity for Wayland teenagers [Watton and Swaffham Times]
Budding teenage entrepreneurs will be able to show off their skills through an apprenticeship scheme with a difference.

30 October 2012
Apprenticeship scheme boost for Diss pupils [Diss Express]

The MP for South Norfolk has praised a business’ investment in a new apprenticeship scheme which will give Diss High School pupils the chance to sample working life.

25 October 2012
South Norfolk housing association launches new apprenticeship project [Eastern Daily Press]
Hopes of getting more school leavers into the world of work have been boosted by the creation of a new apprenticeship scheme in south Norfolk.

22 October 2012
Dodging the flak [Civil Society]
Robert Ashton provides a motivational message to all those facing adversity in the approach to new ideas.

15 October 2012
What is this life about? [Civil Society]
Robert Ashton philosophises over the greatest question of all.
Making it happen at The Hythe [Colchester Chronicle]
Oh Hythe, how we love you.
We love your sense of history, your links between town and estuary and most of all we love your sense of abandonment. But the Badlands of Sunny Colch can’t continue to operate with this Wild West approach to planning. Developers need to know their boundaries, and our friends from Colchester Borough Council are keen to secure as much funding out of future ‘investment’ from the private sector.
Caught up in all of this of course is the Hythe community. Often forgotten, hidden away and voiceless. But the fight back starts later this month when the first meeting of the Hythe Forward group takes place on 24th October at the Bridge Bar.

03 October 2012
The 'Untouchable' truth [Civil Society]
Robert Ashton calls for life to imitate fiction as he critiques the relationship of the film Untouchable with real-world service provision.

24 September 2012
'I'm not a business; I'm a social enterprise!' [Civil Society]
Social enterprise without trading activity is merely charity, says Robert Ashton.

11 September 2012
Hythe Forward plan aims to get Hythe back on course [Essex County Standard]
A NEW project will finally break the “stagnation” stopping the regeneration of the Hythe , it has been pledged.
Colchester Council has awarded social housing provider Colne Housing £30,000 to start a community-led scheme, called Hythe Forward.
The firm believes, by next spring, a powerful community group with sway over local authorities and funds will be ready to restart the regeneration of Colchester’s former port.
Robert Ashton, a social enterprise consultant hired by Colne Housing, said: “By that point we would hope Hythe Forward will have a board of directors, will have money coming in from other places and there will be some momentum.”

28 August 2012
Social enterprise - what's in a name? [Civil Society]
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, as Shakespeare wrote. So why we are kicking up such a fuss about the trademarking of 'social enterprise', wonders Robert Ashton.

21 August 2012
The street and social enterprise [New Start/CLES]
I’m in Lisbon. I mention this not to boast about my summer holiday, but because what I’ve just seen doesn’t happen in the UK. Well, not as starkly. You see we’re more politically correct than Portugal. We also (for now anyway) have a more sophisticated social support system.

17 August 2012
Heartbeat of the Hythe [Colchester Chronicle]
Let’s talk about the Hythe; let’s talk about decline and let’s talk about community currently being displaced by developers.
Or let’s not.
Remember The Chronic mantra?
“There’s no point in making a list and then just moaning about what might have been.”
Which seems to be exactly the same message coming from Robert Ashton, a social enterprise consultant who has been brought on board by Colchester Borough Council to help kick start regeneration down at the Hythe.

08 August 2012
What are you changing into? [Civil Society]
After just over a year of transition funding some organisations have fared better than others, muses Robert Ashton.

04 August 2012
View from the motorcade [Civil Society]
In an abstract comparison, Robert Ashton questions the power we have over our own destiny, and what significance any local organisation really has to the eyes of the powerful few.

25 July 2012
A fix for youth unemployment you can bank on? [New Start/CLES]

It’s not often you attend an event where the venue is a perfect metaphor for the message. And even more unusual when it’s completely coincidental. But that’s what happened in Norwich earlier this week, when the Big Lottery briefed local third and public sector people on a new and potentially exciting initiative.

19 July 2012
Robert Ashton, bestselling business author and business consultant, will be leading a one-day “Developing Your Social Enterprise” day on August 9th at Lumen, Tavistock Place.

17 July 2012
Big Mac Olympics [Civil Society]
Community organisations are just small fries when it comes to the government's preferred service delivery partners, just take the Olympic catering as an example, says Robert Ashton.

10 July 2012
Rates of change [Civil Society]
Fact: charity shops enjoy an unfair advantage on the high street. And that's not good for anybody's business, says Robert Ashton.

05 July 2012
Redistribute Barclays £290m fine to the 'big society' [The Guardian]

Passing on the money to grassroots charities would show that the government is putting the vulnerable first

04 July 2012
Has the 'Big Society' hindered smaller charities in getting grants? [BBC Radio Somerset]

Thin end of the wedge [Civil Society]
Robert Ashton is supporting a Romany planning application for four more mobile homes on local land. He feels very alone.

29 June 2012
QR Codes for authors - the personal interactive business adviser []
If you're looking for ways to make your publication interactive whether it is a circular, monthly or weekly magazine, then QR Codes can help.

20 June 2012
Green grants scheme for A11 corridor businesses passes £1m milestone [EDP]
A project to boost business along the A11 corridor has passed a significant milestone with more than £1m being invested in green initiatives.

15 June 2012

Big is not always beautiful [New Start/CLES]

Of course for government big is always beautiful. The same I suspect is true of the big banks. Both want to say they’ve enabled big sums to be given to big organisations to make big differences. The inconvenient truth however is that big charities have big overheads and big picture vision.

13 June 2012
10 ways to save time at work [New Statesman]

11 June 2012
Community activists sought for new book

There's something Masonic about the NHS [Civil Society]

08 June 2012

How do you tackle a 'wicked' issue? [The Guardian]

28 May 2012

Chapel Road School  in Attleborough misses out on government funding for new site [Evening News]

21 May 2012
Carrot and stick [Civil Society]
Musical beds [New Start/CLES]

11 May 2012
Is my reality the same as your reality? [Civil Society]

24 April 2012
Developing a social enterprise - the barefoot way!
The Barefoot Entrepreneur gets fruity!
Online course from the Barefoot Entrepreneur and Pearson to help entrepreneurs start up

23 April 2012
Chinese takeaway [Civil Society]

19 April 2012
A 21st Century vision of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy

16 April 2012
The answer's on a postcard [New Start/CLES]

13 April 2012
Lets put some enterprise into LEPs [Civil Society]

28 March 2012
In at the deep end? [The Guardian]

26 March 2012
When networking alone is not enough [Civil Society]

12 March 2012
Who needs competitors with friends like these? [New Start/CLES]

08 March 2012
Landlords urged to take advantage of localism and big society [PropertyTalk Live!]

07 March 2012
Take advantage of localism and big society, landlords told [Chartered Institute of Housing]

01 March 2012
Cut out the jargon, I'm drowning in acronyms [Civil Society]

23 February 2012
Democracy: is there an app for that? [The Guardian]

21 February 2012
Let's make it personal [New Start/CLES]

15 February 2012
Do you believe in miracles? [Civil Society]

06 February 2012
Hold tight - we're moving! [Civil Society]

24 January 2012
Best of the web [The Guardian]

23 January 2012
Norwich Christian Centre launches new series [Network Norwich]
Don't just stand there shouting, say something useful [Civil Society]

18 January 2012
Can public services learn from the newspaper industry? [New Start/CLES]

13 January 2012
Public sector procurement: inbetween a rock and a hard place [Civil Society]

5 January 2012
Bestselling business author Robert Ashton to speak at Empower's sustainability conference [Empower]

4 January 2012
How to be a Social Entrepreneur: Make money & Change the world – with Robert Ashton

23 December 2011
Who are the grassroots activists in your area? [The Guardian]

19 December 2011
Let's plough the fields and scatter [CLES]

16 December 2011
Would you let George Osborne shake your piggy bank? [Civil Society]

13 December 2011
A grave mistake [Civil Society]

09 December 2011
Simple way to help others stay warm through winter [EDP]

28 November 2011
"How to Step Out" - book review [Stepping Out]

27 November 2011
Successful bursary to expand across Norfolk [EDP]

25 November 2011
We need to talk about Terry [CLES]
Going to the dogs [The Guardian]

05 November 2011
Education secretary Michael Gove visits Attleborough, Thetford and Methwold [Eastern Daily Press]

04 November 2011
Life after BSF [School Leadership Today]

10 October 2011
How our Special Educational Needs provision could be transformed [Huffington Post]
Big Society needs big business, says CBI chief [Fresh Business Thinking]

07 October 2011
The Big Society in Suffolk [Places & Faces]

06 October 2011
Lords Hansard text for 6 Oct 2011 [Parliament.UK]

04 October 2011
Research and Markets: How to be a Social Entrepreneur; Make Money and Change the World [NewsBlaze]

01 October 2011
Social media can be the UK's dynamo of national and community activism [New Media Knowledge]

29 September 2011
Janet's one-stop-shop for special education [Ely Standard]
Helping bring Clarity to special needs services [Ely Weekly News]

26 September 2011
Are you lighting fires or counting the biscuits? [CLES]

Forum to promote Norfolk's rural entrepreneurs [Eastern Daily Press]

21 September 2011
'Community Green' - a flash of inspiration or a flash in the pan? [Civil Society]

20 September 2011
Networks can make things happen [The Guardian]

13 September 2011
Ashton encourages enterprising thinking for SEN [Education Executive]

12 August 2011
Is the Big Society turning on itself? [Third Force News]

08 August 2011
Making sales profitably [InTouch]
Ever succeeded at mind reading? [InTouch]

05 August 2011
It's out with the big society – and in with the big reality [The Guardian]

02 August 2011
Charity debate [Channel 4 News]

02 August 2011
Charity cuts on Drivetime [Radio 5 Live]

28 July 2011
10 things the government could do to promote social enterprise [The Guardian]

27 July 2011
Best bits: the open public services white paper [The Guardian]

25 July 2011
Social enterprise needs corporate embrace to succeed [Fresh Business Thinking]

22 July 2011
TUC Housing Report 'misses the point' says social entrepreneur [Housebuilder and Developer]

21 July 2011
Business guru picks city as launch site [Ely Weekly News]

20 July 2011
Cheque u-turn is 'pointless policy' [Business Credit Management UK]

15 July 2011
The big society needs a graduate volunteer squad [The Guardian]

15 July 2011
The TUC's 'Can Housing Work for Workers?' report blasted by social entrepreneur [Recruitment International]

15 July 2011
University employment rates reveal gulf between old and new as Oxford slips [The Telegraph]

14 July 2011
TUC and Fabians call for rethink on housing support [Housing Excellence]

14 July 2011
Success on the cards for Ipswich & Suffolk Credit Union [ABCUL]

14 July 2011
Employment of Graduates statistics [Recruitment International]

02 July 2011
Are UK schools consigning half our schoolchildren "to the scrapheap"? [Families North West]

01 July 2011
Review of How to be a Social Entrepreneur, Make Money & Change the World [The Market]

22 June 2011
New card service cuts costs for community shops [The Grocer]

21 June 2011
The free school revolution begins [Education Executive]

June/July 2011
Social entrepreneurship...what exactly is it? [Better Business]

16 June 2011
Big Society trouble-shooter urges David Cameron to get on the phone to his Council! [Recruitment International]

11 June 2011
Attleborough's Chapel Road School judged "outstanding" [Eastern Daily Press]

03 June 2011
Market forces in the charity world [Third Force News]

03 June 2011
Local shops for the local shareholders [The Times]

03 June 2011
Turbines start spinning at business centre [Eastern Daily Press]

30 May 2011
SOS - Save Our Shops [BBC News]

20 May 2011
Government should facilitate social enterprises benefiting from shortage of graduate jobs [Recruitment International]

20 May 2011
Time to admit market forces into the charity world [The Guardian]

20 May 2011
Britain's pool of 'under-employed' graduate talent should be tapped for social enterprises [Recruitment International]

17 May 2011
Dead end jobs for grads [The HR Director]

13 May 2011
40% of graduates take low-skill jobs [Fresh Business Thinking]

10 May 2011
'An email arrives at C&S making us wonder whether we should be nicer to stars. "Celebrity could itself be considered a mental illness," says mental health campaigner Robert Ashton. "Delusions of grandeur and a paranoia that prompts people to wear sunglasses at night." But what's the cure, doc?' [Caught & Social, Independent]

09 May 2011
Creative people could be more susceptible to to bipolar disorder [Female First]

06 May 2011
Academic titles lead the way in digital book sales [Fresh Business Thinking]

05 May 2011
Keep it Local - Peter Day interviews Robert for his Radio 4 In Business programme

03 May 2011
Gay adoption or rish barristers - which would you choose? [Civil Society]

20 April 2011
StartUp Britain "lacks substance" [Real Business]

18 April 2011
Building partnerships for social gain [The Guardian]

12 April 2011
How will the Localism Bill work in Norfolk? [EDP]

07 April 2011
BT accused of 'bullyboy tactics' over MyDonate [thinq_]

04 April 2011
The mentally ill should be diverted from offending rather than prison [Female First]

04 April 2011
Networks rip-off charities, says ethical card manufacturer chief [Mobile Magazine]

31 March 2011
'A business solution to a social need': 20 years of the Big Issue [Fresh Business Thinking]

29 March 2011
Norfolk communities promised cash to run own shop [Eastern Daily Press]

29 March 2011
Chapel Road School in Attleborough eyes up new site [Eastern Daily Press]

24 March 2011
Community shops to use Ethecol's credit/debit card system [UK]

23 March 2011
Charity funding: Grants vs income [The Guardian]

18 March 2011
Explaining how mixing metaphors explains entrepreneurship for The Guardian

9 March 2011

Robert warns the Chancellor that Enterprise Zones won't help the unemployed

10 February 2011
Recently the EDP published Robert's comments on the Big Society Bank initiative where he claims, "With 1pc of the UK population we can see that £2m from the Big Society Bank, matched by £1m of local investment, could make a £3m loan fund available to support Norfolk organisations." The article came after David Cameron's deal with banks that could lead to Norfolk's voluntary organisations receiving £3 million a year to offer support after funding cuts.

To find out more you can read the full article in two parts;
Part one
Part two

10 January 2011
After 'How to be a Social Entrepreneur' appearing in Saturday's issue of The Guardian, we were pleased to see Robert making an appearance in the Mail on Sunday being quoted in the article "Recruitment agencies? We did better putting up a sign". You can download the article here.

10 January 2011
Claudia Cahalane recommends Robert's "How to be a Social Entrepreneur, Make Money and Change the World" for Guardian readers and lists it as one of the top five books about entrepreneurship. You can read the full article 'Social entrepreneurs:doing good business' here.

25 November 2010
Robert's latest book, "How to be a Social Entrepreneur: Make Money & Change the World", has been written an "amazingly positive review - touching even" according to the man himself. has hailed the new business book as "a timely addition" just as the Government plan to make big spending cuts.

"Armed with your initial 'social' idea, Ashton shares his knowledge and experience. For example, he points the reader to sources of potential funding or grant(s), making sure you enlist the help of like-minded people for your venture and crucially - how to step back and measure how you're managing your project in the initial stages. He also enters more detailed territory and explains, for instance, the difference between a social entrepreneur and a social enterprise."

You can read the full review, and submit your own comments, here.

22 November 2010
The Observer's Lucy Siegle looks at how to be a social entrepreneur and be green at the same time and references Robert's 'How to be a Social Entrepreneur, Make Money & Change the World' - take a read here.

06 October 2010
Robert comments for The Guardian as community schemes face the axe. Read the full article online here.

29 September 2010
Read about Robert's involvement with the Festival of Ideas in the Yorkshire Evening Post in the run-up to the event on October 5th.

03 August 2010

Robert joins speechwriter Brian Jenner as co-organiser of the UK's first ever Business Book Festival. You can read the full press release here on
Please note that ticket prices are still at £35 for the day and can be bought from Robert's store.

03 July 2010
Robert's recently published article on Business Zone shares his opinion on the news that Business Link will be scrapped and he's made some suggestions of his own...
Do you agree with him? Read more here.

07 June 2010
As well as a mention in the Norwich Evening News, Stuff Stigma's nomination for Best Health Project also received coverage in the Eastern Daily Press. You can see the article online here.

We also had a quick look back at some of Robert's interesting moments and here are a couple we'd like to re-share with you-
Ian McKendrick, broadcaster on The Business Hu
b, interviews Robert after delivering his "Sex in Success" speech for the first time at an Inspired Event in Cambridge. Have a listen:

You can read the press release for Robert's new speech here.

Also, did you know that Robert was the very first member of ACT, the network for enterprise support professionals that was set up by NFEA? Robert recieved the number 001 membership certificate and you can read more about their work together here.

04 June 2010
Stuff Stigma, founded by Robert, has been nominated for an award in the National Lottery Awards 2010 in the Best Health Project category.

Here you can read the official Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Foundation Trust press release or read about it on the Norwich Evening News online here.

You can find out more about Stuff Stigma on their website and make sure you cast your vote today!

03 June 2010

As you've read, Robert has been revealed as The People's new online blogger and voice on mental health to increase understanding nationally. To read the full release click here

02 February 2010
Robert gets a mention in the Regeneration & Renewal Blog here.

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