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10 benefits to running your own business

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People do not work for themselves to get rich; there’s lots of research that disproves that common belief. Greed is rarely a motivation for taking the risk of free enterprise. Here are the real benefits:


1. Freedom – No boss means no petty rules, no asking permission to visit the dentist and the freedom to set your own goals.

2. Vision – You want to leave your mark on the world and change something. Running your own business enables you to do this to a greater extent than you could as an employee.

3. Control – You’re in the driving seat and no one can come and close down your department as part of some global restructure. Your destiny rests in your hands alone.

4. Choice – There are no policies that dictate the car you drive, the software you use or the colour of the office wall. Your own organisation can reflect your personal taste and style.

5. Ambition – Your ambition is only limited by your ability to grow your business. Equally, if you want to stay small, you can.

6. Safety net – There are lots of insurance products out there that can provide you with a financial safety net. Long term sickness or your sudden death need not mean poverty for your family.

7. Work at home – It’s likely you’ll start a new business from home. That means you can get up at 0855 and be at your desk for 0900!

8. You choose your team – As you’re the boss, you get to hire the people you want and not be stuck with who the boss hires to work with you.

9. Long holidays – Providing you can organise your business to allow it, you can take as much time off as you want, whenever you want.

10. Flexible – You can adapt quickly to new opportunity. You no longer have to feed ideas up the line for other’s to make the decision.


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